Computer Data

Is your company at risk of its data being stolen? Data Cabling could be the option for you

The growing modern world is at risk from hackers stealing data. That is an advantage to fibre optic cables as data cannot be intercepted at a hardware level and while not safe from hacking without the right security, it still provides more assurances for you than Ethernet cables. Find out more.

With fibre optics using light instead of electricity, this is good news for the health of your staff and building as well as the environment. No electricity means no risk of electric shock when handling wires and no risk of an electrical fire starting in the building.

If working with fibre optic cables, the only thing to look out for is to shield your eyes from the light produced.

The energy required to send an electric signal to transmit data through copper wiring can be as much as a dozen times more than the energy needed from a brief flash of light.

Cutting down your energy use will be of benefit to your company and your company’s carbon footprint. It isn’t often you can point to a resource that provides a better service while also being better for the environment.

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