In the last few years, more homeowners are looking for new ways to smarten their homes up.

There’s a lot of cool gadgets and devices that are available on the market and here at Digital Citizen Mag, we look at some of the coolest devices worth your investment. Remember to use a qualified electrical contractor to fit your devices.

New homeowners are getting younger. Surprisingly, first-time buyers are becoming a growing market within the UK property market. They are more likely to purchase smart home gadgets for their brand new home.

Amazon Echo

The Amazon Echo firmly remains the most popular choice when it comes to bringing your home into the future.

It comes with thousands of voice commands that you can play around with and comes in a number of different styles and colours too.

Similar to other home AIs available on the market, the Amazon Echo is compatible with a number of other devices. Find out more here.

Ring Doorbell V2

Soon, you’ll be able to answer your front door no matter where you are in the world. The Ring Doorbell V2 is the second generation of smart doorbells that revolutionise the way we answer the door.

The doorbell links to your phone, tablet and PC and can instantly alert you when a visitor is standing by your front door.

It offers a two-way talk ability and a 1080p HD picture quality to clearly see whose at your home.

Smart Light Bulbs

Smart light bulbs are a cost-effective option that produces fantastic results when it comes to converting a property into a smart home.

These LED internet-capable light bulbs allow users to turn off lights by voice command or through a device.

You can also get remote controlled light bulbs that allow you to control the brightness and colour too. They really are perfect when it comes to entertaining guests or used to relax with.

If you’re thinking about purchasing your own home, find out how you should begin saving today.