Improve your sales

No matter how good your sales and marketing is, I guarantee there’s something you could be doing better. See if any of the following could help you improve your business performance in 2019.

Marketing Plan

It’s important to create a sales and marketing plan that will ultimately lead to ongoing, sustainable business growth. This plan should not only consider how you’re reaching your target market (advertising, online marketing, social media and so on), but should also make sure that what you’re selling is relevant, easy for your customers to understand, clearly positioned against the alternatives and priced correctly. Sales and marketing is just as much about developing your product or service and understanding your market, as it is about communicating messages.

Marketing Budget

Create a marketing budget for getting your product or service to market. This should consider how much time you spend on marketing, as well as how much money you spend (marketing may seem expensive, but it can also be a serious drain on your internal resources). A marketing budget should include market research, product development, tools and resources (presentations, brochures, advertising, websites etc), people (sales and marketing salaries) and events. If your business doesn’t have a budget or business/marketing plan, it needs one. Get help if you need to.

Your Market

Understand, clearly define and constantly review your product or service. Understand your market. Make sure your product is relevant to the market you’re targeting. Consider alternative markets it could work for or consider how the product could be refined to work for a wider audience. Read more info.

Understand your customers. What influences their buying decision? How does what you’re selling satisfy their requirements? What age/gender/race/social demographic are they? What do they do for work/play/eating/drinking/holidays/habits etc. How can this information be used to our advantage?


Make sure your customers and potential customers know about you and what you’re doing through your communications:

  • Advertising
  • PR
  • Search Engine Optimisation and Internet Marketing
  • Direct Marketing
  • Networking
  • Email Marketing
  • Telemarketing
  • Sales Promotion
  • Events
  • Public speaking

Another way to communicate with potential new customers is through experiential marketing. This is a form of outbound marketing where you personally engage with potential consumer and create a fun and exciting experience for them. Read more from one of the UK’s best advertising agencies.

Make sure your sales people have the knowledge and tools they need to empathise with your customers’ needs. Your sales team need to be able to explain why specific aspects of your product or service satisfy your customers’ particular requirements.