Planning a party can be overwhelming for some, especially if they’ve never done it before. Even if you have a bit of experience, the first question that’s usually always asked is ‘What type of party should I plan?’

Depending on the occasion and reason for the event, there are a number of paths you can choose to go down when it comes to organising and throwing the perfect party for the day and evening.

Digital Citizen Mag takes a look at some of the party alternatives you might be interested in a near event.

Cruise Party

A cruise party truly is a fantastic way to create a memorable day for all your guests and yourself. It offers a number of benefits that includes an ever-changing background, a tour along the ocean or lake and a unique experience for your guests.

Furthermore, there are a number of event hire companies that specialise in offering equipment hire for cruise parties, which makes planning much easier than you think.

Themed Party

A themed party allows you to have some fun with guests when it comes to decorations and outfits that should be worn.

From a Hawaiian theme to Arabian Nights, there are a number of fun party themes that will make for an enjoyable evening.

It is common for birthday parties to have a theme attached to them. This lets your party or event stand out from others and encourages your guests to truly be involved with the party and experience.

Traditional Party

Sometimes, the best party idea is to go traditional. Whether it’s in a bar or a hired venue, simply organising a fantastic party with a range of food, music and a dance floor is the best way forward to throwing an enjoyable event.

You’ll have to think about equipment hire and what’ll you need to get, but if you can book a beautiful venue, then you’ll be sure to have a fun time.